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June 22, 2007


Brandi Ginn

OH they're SO cute! J will love them..look how straight and long her hair is...I thought it was more wavy, but maybe that's because it was shorter or because it was MO.

I like the color one better because in the B&W version her eye further from the light source is a bit too dark for me.

....boy #4 huh? I wonder if they were going for a girl?

Kara Elmore

Oh see - I like the dark eye furthest away - it adds depth and interest!


I think these are all just BEAUTIFUL! I wish that when I sent my little Tess to the corner that she looked so nice. Usually there are tears, a runny nose and a red face from the massive fit she just threw!

I love the B&W one. The contrast in that one is AMAZING!!!


Oh My Kara these are awesome


Hey Kara.. me again.. Real quick.. Geocaching.. is.. well you use a hand held GPS device and there is a website www.geocaching.com and you can go to that site, and upload to your GPS what they call cache's and basically they are directions to locations and you follow those the gps will sort of tell you if you are going the right way or not and once you get to the location, you get out of your car and you take your gps and you basically walk around til you find the cache which is like a treasure more or less. Sometimes its a box hidden in or around a tree or in a whole etc.. but its hidden and you have to look for it.. sometimes the boxes have trinkets you can take ( but you have to bring some to replace what you take ) and sometimes its just some paper rolled up in an old film canister and you write your name there are thousands of geocaching locations all over the US its sort of like a treaure hunt or a scavenger hunt only using a gps instead of a map.. the kids love it.. hope that explains it ?


As usual I love all the pictures. I do love the black and white one, I'm partial to those even though I don't print mine in black and white too often. Only the REALLY good ones get that honor!! Love the pics!

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