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June 18, 2007



All I can see is a stinkin' cuter version of Shirley Temple singing "On the Goodship... Lol-i-pop!" Gotta love that little girl!!! As usual, she's sooooo TEWT!

Brandi Ginn

Oh it's DARLING! And I LOVE the boots!!!
...of COURSE she licked the lollipop! ;)

Kelli France

I must have missed this image! I LOVE this one!


teehee.. yeah people who dont have more then kid dont seem to get the well fun involved in taking 4 kids to more than one store.. I feel for you on that one.. however what a cool lollipop these shots are great and the 14 year old.. wow.. kids didnt look like this when I was 14


She is just too-cute for words!!! So sweet!!!

Michele (Pinkle Toes)

Diggin' the lollypop image! I took a peek at the pics you did for April on her blog...great job there, too! Thanks for visiting my blog and I'll be sure to drop by here more!


Angie Penrose

To cute! Both of those images are really great. Love your conversion on the last one. FYI- if you have a walgreens close to you, they always have huge lollies in stock for $1!

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