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May 15, 2007



Oh my gosh!!! Your poor little princess! That makes me so sad to hear and I can totally hear her telling the doctors about her pink hammer....maybe they joked about it later during their "tuwoffee break." CUTE CUTE CUTE pics of her!!!!!!

Love the pics of your friend and her newly adopted baby!!

Kelli France

How sad for your daughter and how wonderful for April. I want to see more of her pics. Wish I could have come to see you guys but it was too short of a visit. I gotta email you later but everyone here is sick including me and the baby! Love your new banner BTW.


How on earth did she just about cut her toe off? what a scare.. my goodness... I am glad to see she seems to be fine.. kids are so reslient.. if it were me I would still be on the couch whining. haha.. these shots are all gorgeous my friend.. How about some of you with your new baby?

Kara Elmore

Elizabeth... they're coming! April will be taking our pictures tomorrow. YIPPPPEEE!! The "accident" happened by our kitchen table bench falling on her feet. OUCH!


omg... i've never heard of a braver child! What a horrible experience for the both of you. Can't believe how darling she looks in the pics after what she'd been through. LOVE the red tape!!!

Brandi Ginn

OH! LOVE the new blog design...seriously LOVE it. And YEAH for April!!! A new baby without being hooked up to IV's for 9 months! ;)

LOVE the pictures...and the B&W ;)

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