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May 22, 2007



Yes you HAVE to come to Australia sometime! (and if you do, you are definetly not escaping without a photoshoot in the cemetery *g*).
Do you shoot at your parents reception center much?

Kara Elmore

Amanda - Oh - I'm BEGGING Nate to take me there for an anniversary! Will you show me around??? ;0) I shoot at the reception place sometimes. I do have a funky shot coming up there in 2 weeks that's in a different area. YOU would love it! I'll keep you posted on it.


I would love to play.

Italy is on my list. We were supposed to go for our ten-year anniversary this summer, but this baby-making thing got in the way. We are so doing it in two years though.

I would have put your home on my favorite places. It is amazing! BTW, I still need to see pictures of the two oldests' rooms. Or we should say we should just get together and then actually DO it!

You and Nate are a BEAUTIFUL couple. Is that one that April shot? She did an amazing job.


LOVE the pic of you and Nate!

You forgot to add that you love to eat olives and flax seed oil!!!! Granola girl!


You are so cute!! and HOT!~!

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