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May 02, 2007



It was Stuart. That was the "kid" on Mad TV!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your little girl!!! You have totally captured her precious personality. I think you should keep her forever and ever!!!! ;-)


She is gorgeous.. and the light in the first few.. wow.. Hey while you are taking all these fabulous images.. how about a few of all of you together..

Kara Elmore

Elizabeth - thanks! The ones of all of us together are COMING! ;0) My dear friend from AZ is coming up next week - and luckily... she's a photog! ;0)

Kara Elmore

Lilian - YES - it was STUART! Ahhhh - my favorite character!


Omg Kara those images are to die for!!! Truly I feel exactly like you do, I always wonder what it must be like for people who aren't photographers.. I feel so blessed to be able to have tons of gorgeous images of my children whenever I want. And how sweet is she in the last shot! What a little doll.

Kara Elmore

WOW - thank you Amanda! I was hoping it was an "Amanda shot"! ;0)

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