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April 18, 2007



YAY! You finally posted these on your blog!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of her with her green ribbon! So pretty with her auburn hair! She looks SO MUCH like her (not big) sister!!!


Kara, she is amazing! You did a good job! Congratulations!

Kara Elmore

Can you believe she has Auburn hair? Ohhhh - I hope it stays. It's SO pretty!

Amanda Keeys

Ohhh Kara she is *darling*!! She looks like such a little sweetling. I love love love the green bow in her hair, it looks SO good. I'm about to reply to your email, but I HAD to come peek at the photos first !


OH, SO SWEET!!! What is her name? You and your hubby sure done good!

Brandi Ginn

LOVE the darling pictures!

Celeste...HA! OK, I have to laugh, because of COURSE Kara didn't post her little ones name. That little info will never get posted on her blog...funny funny Kara...I love ya! :o)


Yes Yes.. what is this angels name.. Kara she is gorgeous.. Congratulations

Brianna Graham

OMG!!! Kara! Congratulations - she's BEAUTIFUL!


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