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March 24, 2007


Brandi Ginn

Oh bless his little heart. Why can't our husband's just do what we ask? (HUGE fight with mine today...sitting on the couch for more than an hour reading his flash car's manual while the kids TRASH the house just doesn't cut it with me ya know ;)

But YEAH...at least you got some. And your photoshop job is AWESOME...we'll have to chat about that one.

Happy baby to you! You know that you're going to have it on April 3rd right? ;)

Kelli France

Ooh. I love the 2nd one and I can't wait to see pics of the new baby! Good luck with the birth and everything!

Kara Elmore

Thanks girls! #2 is my favorite as well. And Brandi - for MY sake... I hope baby comes BEFORE April 3rd. ;0)


I love these Kara.. and I cant believe you are due anytime already.. wow where does the time go.. (it probably goes alot faster when you (me) are not pregnant ) I love these silhouette shots..


Kara....you are gorgeous! Bless your cute little belly!!! I love these photos of you. Number 2 is also my favorite!!

Bless his heart.... ha ha ha... I've heard that from you a lot lately! Ooooooh I can't wait to see this baby and find out what it is so I can SHOP!!!!!!


You look beautiful!

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