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July 22, 2006


Michelle Croson

Oh my Girl!!!! These are Fantastic!!!!! Truly gorgeous!!! Love the different locations and I ***LOVE**** the feet shot!!!!




Kara, You are truly amazing. These are beautiful and creative.

Brandi Ginn

Of course, my friend you've done it again!!! I LOVE them. Totally with Michelle....love the different locals love the feet
simply fabulous!

Amanda Keeys

Ohhh Kara these are *stunning*!!!


These are beautiful.. My brother and law and his wife just had a baby boy and I am dying to get over there and take some pictures... I have to wait til my oldest is out of the hospital.
( very sick his appendix burst ) but once mine is home and I am not at the hospital so much I will get over there and want to try some stuff like this

Kara Elmore

Thanks girls! It was fun to do something so funky :0)

Sara Anthony

I had to stop in and say WOW. I love the middle one with the steps! Great job.

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