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June 04, 2006


Brandi Ginn

Aaaahhhhhhh! I swear there are NO cool places like that around here to take pictures! I did however find a store front that has a huge garage door that opens...when it's shut it would be cool. OK so according to an e-mail forwarded by my gma (which means you never know what to think about it exactly...it said that if you wear a bounce dryer sheet somewhere on your body it will keep the bees and mosquitoes away. I have no idea if it's true...poor little Brinley will be gluing them all over her body when the honeysuckle I planted starts to really grow.

Kara Elmore

Brandi - I DID hear that! I should've taken it along with us. I heard you're suppose to rub it on your skin. Oh - and searching for areas is HALF the fun!

Amanda Keeys

You KNOOOOW I think these are beautiful! My fav is the first one with the girls twirling around. Where is that :wub: emoticon when you need it?!


OHHHH!!! FABULOUS!!!! Love them all and you know that I am a B&W gal, but your color is amazing!!


Kara, talk about seeing the light! I love your lighting in these photos. Those mosquito bites were worth it! (easy for me to say) Your models are gorgeous!

Kara Elmore

Thanks everyone!

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